1-6 of June 2013, Istanbul/ Talimhane Sokak Yeldegirmeni/ Kadikoy

Three of the polish artists are going to change the face of Istanbul, to be more precise – of the Asian Kadikoy district. M-City, Chazme 718 and Sepe, and –  the makers of the street art that is recognized world-wide will leave their creative work in Turkey.

All that has to do with the Street Art Common Experience project which is being pursued by Do Dziela! Foundations (Let’s Do It Foundation) – the organizer of, inter alia, Warsaw festival Street Art Doping. The Turkish partners of this event are organizers of the four-year-younger festival – Mural-Ist. For us, as well as for the artists, it is a great experience to be able to perform art in the public space of Istanbul. Murals are quite a new phenomenon in Turkey but we know that peoplesreaction to them is very positive and enthusiastic. Similarly to Poland, even the opponents of murals quickly turn into their lovers – tell us Przemek Dziublowski from the Do Dziela! Foundation – that what is difficult but at the same time the most valuable in our actions, is that we give an absolute freedom of expression to our artists. The same is projected for Turkey, and the fact that the art pieces are being created for the anniversary of the 600 years of the polish-Turkish cooperation comes secondary in importance. We want to stress that again – we care for art not laurels.

The project will come to the fruition in the first week of June 2014 and murals will be finished in a week time.

The author of the first mural is going to be M-City – an incredible man, artists, lecturer as well as graphic designer. His work – the masterpieces of stencils– are decorating the biggest cities around the world, from Sao Paulo to Stavanger. For art purposes M-City is going to visit Istanbul for the first time.

Chazme 718 – the artist with a very distinctive technical style and open mind for collaboration. Together with Sepe, with whom he already created a number of impressive works, he will create another fantastic mural for Istanbul.

Street Art Common Experience will without doubt be an important event in Poland and Turkey.

We are happy to answer all your questions.

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Kasia Dziublowska // mobile: + 48 501 404 990


”Kısmen, Polonya Cumhuriyeti Kültür ve Milli Miras Bakanı’nın kaynaklarından finanse edilmiştir”

„Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

“Etkinlik, 2014 yılında kutlanacak Polonya-Türkiye ilişkilerinin kuruluşunun 600. yıldönümü münasebetiyle düzenlenecek olan kutlamaların kültür programı çerçevesinde gerçekleştirilmektedir”

„Wydarzenie realizowane w ramach  programu kulturalnego obchodów 600-lecia polsko-tureckich stosunków dyplomatycznych w 2014 roku”

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