About the foundation

Do Dzieła! Foundation

We have started our work in 2009 with a strong belief that we can improve the world in which we exist. That is why, we can surely work under the banner – Do Dzieła! which simply means Let’s Do It!

We are fascinated with culture in its various kinds and for this reason, we are a foundation with many faces – not a mistake is to claim that the slogan “here, a fully-shaped culture is present and it does not matter which one” could easily be pinned to us.

During the first year of our activity in Warsaw, we have organized Street Art Doping, we have celebrated Stanisław Bareja’s 80th birthday in the one-time Wars cinema and we have carried out numerous debates and meetings.

The next five years saw other editions of Street Art Doping which has become one of the most prestigious festivals in Poland. We are also fathers of the first large exhibition of the Polish street art artists that took place in the Soho Factory. Apart from the making of the large-scale murals (not only as a part of the Street Art Doping festival), we have been also engaged in organizing many exhibitions in the public space as well as galleries, cafés and clubs.

Do Dzieła! Foundation is also proudly responsible for the revitalization of the public life on the banks of Vistula River; in 2009, the first concert took place on the bark, which, three years later turned into a fashionable and popular Barka club. From the very beginning of the existence of the Cud nad Wisłą club, the foundation took also care of the reanimation and reactivation of life by Vistula River. The results of these efforts were countless workshops, meetings, outdoor shows (PrzyStań nad Wisłą project), concerts Jazz nad Wisłą (present since 2010) or the popularization of Polish classic literature with the support of the Warsaw’s University.

Our partners, with whom work has been a pleasure, include: The Office of Culture of the Warsaw’s City Council, Ministry of Culture, Polish Train Lines, The Palace of Culture and Science, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw’s Uprising Museum and non-governmental organizations such as Krystyna Janda’s Foundation for Culture, Inna Przestrzeń Foundation, The Archeology of Photography Foundation, Konsekwentny Theatre.

In 2014 Do Dzieła Foundation! is commencing with new international projects – we start with Street Art Common Experience in Istambul.